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Why Choose High Soccer Arena

There are many soccer clubs that you can join throughout Orlando. What sets us apart however, is our focus on futsal and youth indoor soccer training. Players throughout the world such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Coutinho frequently mention that the reason that they are so technically great is because of the small space and high paced style of play in futsal. Here are some of the benefits of our training style.

*We do not cancel due to inclement weather!


Training in small spaces forces Players to become natural problem solvers, which sparks creativity. We Take it one step further by bringing In professional coaches with an extensive playing and coaching history to take your kids to the next level.

Friendly Environment

High Soccer Environment is the Unique concept of NEW and Family friendly, FUN for all ages and a fully lobby equipped with games for the entire family.

Technical Fundamentals

The technique of seemingly simple Skills such as Dribbling, Control, passing, and communication are often Overlooked. At High Soccer Arena, Our goal is to make sure players are Masters at the fundamentals, which Makes everything else even easier.


Experienced Licensed coaches, some of the coaches currently PRO players. All classes are designed to teach soccer having a lot of FUN.

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