The Best Place for Pick Up Soccer in Orlando

With three turf fields one futsal court and a bar area, High Soccer Arena is the perfect place to play pick up soccer in the Orlando area. Bring friends and form a team, or come alone and we will find a team for you, everyone is welcome! 

What is Pick Up Soccer?

Pick Up soccer is a place to come and play against others in the community. You can use this time to practice your skills, or simply have fun in a low stakes environment. We also offer a bar area that includes food, drinks, beer, and shakes for when you’ve exhausted yourself! Orlando is home to a large and diverse community, so it is only right to offer that community a place to play !

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pick up soccer night at high soccer arena
ball used in pick up soccer in high soccer arena

Pick Up Details

Pick Up soccer takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night.

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  • Games take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8pm-11pm.
  • 5v5 (including goalkeeper)
  • Games will be played on either our futsal court or turf field
  • Bring your friends to make a team of 5!
  • If you don’t have enough for a team or if you come alone, don’t worry, we will put players on your team to make it 5!


  • 7 minute games or first to 2 goals.
  • $10 per player
  • No slide tackling
  • If the ball touches the top net, it is considered out, and the restart will take place at the nearest touchline.